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Improving ROI with Event App (Part I)


For event organisers to get larger budgets for future events, you have to prove your event ROI first. Like anyone else, the management needs to see returns before they are willing to invest more. So how do you ensure that you will get the maximum return?

If you have been attending events in the past year or so, you would have realised many events include an event app now. They are becoming a standard, something that people feel uncomfortable without.

Here are some ways our clients use event apps to boost their performance.

Reducing Cost and Increasing Productivity

Save trees and save cost. Papers are so passé. Admit it, you don’t like holding on to pieces of papers especially when you are going to be walking around the whole day. Then why would you print event agenda or brochures for your attendees? The last thing you want them to do is to dump those papers once they turn away from you.

Worse still, what if you notice a minor mistake only after you have printed it? Edit that mistake and send it for printing again? Such a waste of time. You should be spending your time more effectively doing other things that are more productive.

However, with an event app, you can definitely edit those mistakes even minutes before your event starts. Attendees can also have access to all your event information anytime they need it. More importantly, you get to reduce your printing costs significantly.

Increasing Sponsor Opportunities

Event apps present many opportunities to clinch new sponsorship deals. You can create a sponsor page in the event app that lists all your sponsors’ information, logos and HTML links. You can even allow them to place images in the moving banner to increase their exposure.

Giving Attendees a Voice

What about your attendees? One of the main reasons why organisers use event apps is to drive audience engagement. As we have always seen in Q&A, only a handful will ask questions and the rest will continue staring at the speaker.

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Instead, posting questions and comments can be alternatives to speaking into the microphone. This will definitely boost the engagement and moderators will also have a better sense of the issues to address. And that’s part 1 of how event apps help to boost event ROI! Check out part 2 of this series next.

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