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Enhance Attendee Experience with Micepad's Mobile Event App

Give your attendees the experience they deserve. Transform your event with Micepad’s mobile app that will elevate their experience to another level.

Event information at your fingertips

Deliver an up-to-date mobile event guide at any time and let attendees easily create their own personalized agenda. Use Push Notifications to notify your attendees and drive traffic to where you want to direct them.

Show Your Audience The Top Questions​

The audience can vote on what questions they’d like the presenters to answer. You are in full control whether you want to show every question asked, or just the most popular ones on the projector screen.

Creating networking opportunities 

Provide a space for virtual and physical participants to interact with one another at any time, or to schedule a time to meet later. With our app, attendees can chat with ease and connect quickly.

Measure your success metrics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Use the data collected during and after to evaluate and inform your strategy for future events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Event App?

Mobile event application is software that enables event planners to customize mobile apps for events without hands-on coding. The organizers can host to digitally or manually record the attendance of attendees whenever they are. Normally the app features include schedules, record attendee & exhibitor information, and event timing among other details.

What are the benefits of having mobile event app?

The top 3 benefits includes below:

Effective communication between attendees and exhibitors. The app can be used to send push notifications, chat with other attendees, and book appointments with exhibitors. This can help to improve communication and networking opportunities at the event.

Easy way to find sponsors and partners. The app can be used to view a list of sponsors and partners, and to learn more about their products and services. This can help attendees to connect with potential business partners.

Increased engagement and participation. The app can be used to create interactive activities and contests, which can help to increase engagement and participation at the event. Improved event ROI. A mobile event app can help to improve event ROI by reducing costs and increasing attendance.

What are the features of a good mobile event app for Hong Kong events?

Easy to use: The app should be easy to use for both attendees and exhibitors.

Up-to-date information: The app should always have the latest event information, such as the schedule, speaker bios, and maps of the venue.

Interactive features: The app should have interactive features that encourage engagement and participation, such as polls and quizzes which micepad’s mobile app for event is included.

Networking tools: The app should have networking tools that make it easy for attendees to connect with each other and with exhibitors, such as a chat function and a directory of attendees and exhibitors.

Security features: The application should include robust security measures, such as encryption and password protection, to safeguard the privacy of attendees and exhibitors. With Micepad’s security expertise, we guarantee the protection of sensitive information.

What is micepad’s mobile event app top features?
  • Onsite check-in
  • On-demand badge printing
  • Attendance tracking
  • Walk-in registrations
  • Real-time reporting
  • Securely collect payments
How can Micepad's Mobile Event App benefit my Hong Kong event?

Micepad’s Mobile Event App offers a tailored solution for the Hong Kong market, providing features like seamless event registration, interactive tools, and advanced attendee engagement options. With Micepad, you can enhance your event’s success and create memorable experiences for your attendees in HK. We will also provide a report after the event to help you further analyse the attendee behaviours.

Are the service fees set at a fixed price, or is there room for negotiation?

It’s open for discussion as we would need to understand your requirement and expectations such as expected attendees, duration, location, whether It’s a hybrid event or fully go on virtual and more.

Can I use my preferred live streaming service with Micepad?

Yes, Micepad allows you to use its built-in streaming service or popular options like Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, RTMP, and even Singapore-based streaming platforms to broadcast your video in Hong Kong or globally.

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