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Announcing: New Synchronised Slides Function


While mobile applications have proven to be a lot more convenient, effective and efficient, this technology has still not yet reached its full potential across the world. Why? One reason could very well be the control the organisers’ feel they lose, as well as the distraction that they perceive.

Then again with mobile phones being the biggest distraction these days, it is hard to say that even without mobile applications, they are not being distracted. Which is why, here at Micepad, we have introduced several methods to help prevent attendees’ from drifting and doing other things.

Apart from engagement, which keeps them involved through Q&A, Polls, Photos and Quizzes, why not control the slides that they view! Not only can we hide the slides until it is time for the session, we also have something really cool!

With our live synchronised slides function, participants simply need to sit back and watch their slides change as the slides on the screen changes. You don’t have to worry about them looking ahead at slides until it is time, which can be extremely effective in getting your message across if they are not coming up with their own conclusions ahead of time.

Watch it in action here at an event we did in Taiwan!

Besides looking extremely cool, there is something extremely therapeutic about watching it all synchronised among so many device. I could watch it all day!

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