Improving ROI with an Event App (Part II)

In an earlier post, we talked about using event app to save time and costs, increase sponsor opportunities and engage attendees. You may still have many questions running through your mind – what else can an event app do for event organisers? Today, events of all sizes leverage event app for different purposes. While some organisers use it primarily to engage their attendees, others use it to retrieve analytics conveniently.

Yes, you can gain access to real-time ROI analytics and retrieve them at any time of your event.

Gaining Insights to Your Attendees

I am sure all event organisers will nod their head in unison when I say event ROIs are important. In fact, you can even say that the only way to justify hosting your event is through ROI metrics.

Additionally, these key event insights help you process, understand and bring to light your attendees’ experiences. By gaining a quick understanding of their sentiments, you can relate better to your attendees. Having said that, you can use an event app to set up a live poll to populate real-time responses. You can also get your speakers to co-create their content with the attendees’ responses to build a closer community.

Data Analytics