Event Check-in & Badging

Impress your guests with a hassle free Event Check-in experience.

Provide a no-queue, seamless experience through instant QR scanning & on-site printing of high-quality custom event badges.

Deliver the most engaging digital event experience

Integrated interactive experience that integrates digital content, live streaming, networking, and sponsorship options for maximum ROI

Self-Service Check-In

Enable your attendees to quickly check-in, grab their badge and enter your event venue in seconds.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Pre-print badges with event branding or on-demand during onsite QR check-in.

Offline Capabilities

Poor network at the venue? No worries, our offline mode will allow you to check in guests and print badges as usual. 

Streamline event check-in with Micepad's contactless check-in app, which simplifies the process by scanning QR codes effortlessly

Touchless event check-in

Simplify your check-in process through QR code scanning, seamlessly connected from your invitation emails.

Quickly search for the people you need to

Micepad’s intuitive interface provides you with a centralised contact list, allowing you to quickly search through your guest list with ease.


On-demand Badge Printing

Printing badges with Micepad gives you the ability to print badges before the event, on event day, and manage name tags for walk-in and last-minute registrations.

Flexible registration for last minute changes

Quickly and easily register any new guests with a highly customisable form on our provided iPads or on your own device, at any point throughout the event.

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