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How Live Polls and Q&A affect Audience Engagement


Gain relevant audience insights and empower your audience to raise and discuss the questions and topics that impact them and your event the most.

The Definitive Difference of Using Live Polls and Q&A Boards

Have you ever heard of crowdsourcing? The difference between formulating your own questions and crowdsourcing the most significant questions related to your event’s main topic, is the latter never fails to captivate genuine participation from your audience. After all, nothing speaks better to an event audience than a personalized and highly interactive event experience.

The creation of an audience Q&A and live polling in event apps is perhaps one of the most revolutionizing things to ever happen to the event industry.

Adding a Live Polling and Q&A Board feature in your event means handing your audience the reins of facilitating communication and engagement among fellow attendees. You provide them a strong voice that reflects their personal thoughts and experiences on your event’s key topics and objectives.

Live Polling for Audience-Centric Events

There is no better way to measure the success and effectiveness of an event than through seeing it through the eyes and experiences of the attendees. Live Polling in events lets you collect audience opinion and gain instant statistical results for specific questions in real-time. What this means is putting the spotlight on attendee insights to make discussions more thoughtful and connected to how differently participants interpret and absorb the topics you present to them.

Micepad’s Live Polling feature helps you fuel the right sparks with your audience. Depending on your event and audience’s demands, you can customize our live polls to help you gain and measure exactly the information you need. Moreover, we beat other live polling apps with a powerful analytics dashboard where you can easily gauge your event’s efficiency and audience’s interest.

Q&A Board for Free-Flowing Interactions

For event planners that aim to implement more organized exchange of ideas between speakers and participants, a Q&A platform designed for your audience effectively does the trick. Say goodbye to the age-old tactic of making your event speakers the center of every Q&A. Now, with dependable event app platforms such as Micepad, you can empower your audience and drive them to take discussions to a level that’s most comfortable and suitable for them.

Raising queries is made easier for your audience. No more hand-raising needed! Attendees simply submit their questions and comments through the Micepad app’s Q&A Board feature. In turn, speakers can push out these queries and post them on screen. Our Q&A Board can also be linked with our Live Polling feature for a more seamless knowledge and experience sharing.

Micepad’s Live Polling and Q&A Board Aims to Assist Brands In Delivering Audience Empowerment

The secret to an industry’s continuous growth is rooted in how end-user feedback and contributions are valued. This makes Micepad’s mission to bring your content and your brand closer to your target audience through creating opportunities for open, comprehensive two-way communication.

Create an event that strongly speaks to your end-users! Employ Micepad’s audience engagement software today. Click here for a FREE Demo.

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