QR Codes and Event Gamification


Who would have thought that event gamification and QR codes can be combined together to produce highly influential, relevant and audience-centric events? Individually, event gamification and QR codes are packed with features that make each one a valuable asset for brand owners looking to extend their promotional strategies through holding events. While event gamification employs the principles and mechanics of gaming to prompt better audience participation, QR codes exist to help implement an event’s key segments with better efficiency.

By combining the unique features of QR codes and event gamification, events are instantly transformed into a remarkable and meaningful experience for attendees.

Integrating technology with events to harness better learning experience

An event that’s filled with speaker monologues and hardly allows the audience to bask in the spotlight is no different from a sad bag of stale, unappetising potato chips. All you need is one tiny bite and you can already tell just how bad and unworthy it is of your time. Aside from expanding their existing network of connections, people also attend events to gain new knowledge—a goal that might not be fulfilled in an event if the transfer of knowledge is one-sided. In other words, audience participation is a must to ensure events remain enriching, relevant and appealing.

Event gamification and QR codes are just among the c