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Admin Panel Navigation Update


Over the past two months, we have been working hard on making our Admin Panel easier to use for our event organisers. In this first of many updates to come, we have focused on improving user navigation to make features more accessible and easier to understand.*Please note that the screenshots may differ from what you see as it varies based on your package!

Top Bar

We have implemented numerous top-level navigation changes to organise features according to the phase of your event and make things easier to find for our users. All of the pre-event features are now placed under the Registration drop-down menu, while the on-event app features are placed under the App drop-down menu. As Guests (previously Users), Emails and Reports are applicable throughout all phases of your event, we have left them at the top level navigation. In addition, we have added a new notification bar to inform you of any important announcements and feature updates.

New Dashboard

Detailed changes

  1. Added new notification bar
  2. Added event status label (“Published” in screenshot)
  3. Added gear icon that leads to Edit Event Details
  4. Renamed Users to Guests
  5. Combined RSVP and Check-in App into Registration
  6. Renamed Features to App and included top-level app features such as Feed, Push
  7. Notifications, Languages, Projectors and Live Slides
  8. Projector Screen


Next is the changes implemented on the Projector Screen’s page. Previously on the top bar, Projector Screens can now be found under the App drop-down menu. We have also made improvements on the Projector Screen’s user interface to standardise the layout with the rest of the pages.*Another update is in the works to make it even easier to manage projector screens which will be coming soon in February 2019.

New Projector Screens Interface

Detailed changes

  1. Added simple instructions on how to operate the projector screen in just 3 steps.
  2. Grouped customisable options and made them easier to understand.
  3. Moved Launch, Edit, Freeze, Delete buttons into icons when you hover the projector screen row.
  4. Content Groups

The last and most requested major change we have implemented is to restrict certain content to multiple groups. Previously, you could only restrict content to one group.

New Group Selection

Clicking on [change] link will allow you to edit the access rights. Select “Specific Groups” and you can choose as many groups as you wish for the content to be visible to.We’d love to hear your feedback! It is our utmost priority to ensure our clients are satisfied with our event platform, Micepad. For any comments, suggestions or enquiry contact us by clicking here or write us an email at you and we look forward to continuously make event management easier for you. Stay tuned for more product updates.– Micepad Product Team

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