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Event Planning: Top 10 Biggest Concerns – And How To Address Them All

Event Planning

Event planning is a superpower on its own. For one, planning something in advance to the tiniest detail requires a great deal of attention, precision and detailing. Like with every other superpower, though, there is always a kryptonite.

Today, we talk about the top 10 problems event planners face – and how you can avoid them at your next event.

1. Understaffing

Understaffed at Work

No matter how long you have spent in the game, this is bound to happen from time to time.

The biggest concern here is that you won’t usually know this is a problem till the D-day. At this point, it is too late to do anything. Even if you could do something, you might not be able to ensure the new help is in coherence with the others.

Here, we recommend having a number of quality staff members on speed dial. They should be highly trained and ready to go. That way, you can always call them up at a moment’s notice if their help is ever needed.

2. Overspending


This is especially an issue with people just starting out in the business.

If there is something the expert planners have always demonstrated, it is that you don’t have to break the bank to make a great event happen. In short, sometimes, less is more.

Our top recommendation here is that you learn from experience. To fast-track the experience, though, there is nothing wrong in hiring a budgeting expert on your team. Preferably, go with one who has experience in event planning so that they can help improve your trade with their unique skill set.

3. Networking


You might not know this, but many business people are probably coming to your event because of the networking opportunities that are available to them. This means they are not as keen on the interior decoration, choice of meals over different courses and such other eye candies that you must have planned.

Of course, those add to the experience – but don’t lose sight of what’s important.

Thus, work on the networking aspect of your event. Make sure attendees know what they get – and ensure what they get is quality too.

4. Backup

Backup Plan

Like we mentioned earlier, event planners are not time travelers, but they can almost plan the day to the minute. While that is great, it also helps to account for possible changes in circumstances which could change the plan.

A great event is one that has been planned to the letter yet being flexible enough to accommodate changes.

What happens when bad weather creeps up? Or, say, a keynote speaker doesn’t arrive on time?

Worst case scenarios should be worked into every step of the event and accounted for. This way, even the most serious of glitches will be handled without panic.

5. Lack of Experience

Lack of Experience 1

Before we move on, you should know one thing:

This is not a low blow to those starting out in the event planning game. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Like any other important field, event planning is as demanding as they come. It would help to have go-to mentors, work with someone who has been in the game for a while and learn all you can before you delve into event planning at all.

6. Audience Engagement

No Audience

Besides networking opportunities, your audience does not want to come to that event and be bombarded with speeches and numerous talks. They also want to feel like they are part of the event, and that is where audience engagement comes in.

This can be achieved in a lot of ways, from immersive 3D experiences to Virtual/ Augmented Reality tours, and such other innovative approaches.

Believe us when we say they will go back home feeling better fulfilled than if they were just made to sit and absorb all the information being thrown their way.

7. Local Laws

local laws

This is one that happens to the best of us.

Every locale has different laws and regulations guiding event organization. Another reason why local laws are important is ensuring your event doesn’t clash with any other major local event which could derail your plans – or make it less pleasurable for the guests that would be showing up.

To avoid getting into this pickle jar, discuss local laws with the venue managers since they are better familiar with that locale. Likewise, Google is your friend in checking calendars for possible events in that area.

If you’ve got a union or association of event planners which you are a part of, reach out to someone in the region for better information.

8. Large Crowd

Large Crowd

If there was a paradox in the world of event planning, this would be it.

On the one hand, you are happy your event marketing tactics worked so well, you now have a crowd to cater to. On the other hand, you now have to worry about controlling the crowd. By control, we mean ensuring everyone gets properly seated, attended to by the waiters and so on.

Most event planners we know will already have a planned list of attendees in mind. But then, last minute attendees are a thing too. So, ensure your plan creates room to adapt for a larger crowd if need be.

Better to be on the safe than sorry side.

9. The Little Things

Small Things

Your attendees will see a well-lit hall, awesome podium. Great décor and an amazing ambience. This will usually be noted in the big things, but what they don’t know is that the smaller things count more.

However, this is something you know all too well.

An event manager should never leave the tiniest details to fate – from the soundtrack/ DJ playlist to grace the event to the kind of souvenirs attendees leave with. These contribute to the overall experience, and they will be sorely missed if you leave them out.

10. Your Turn

You Finger Point

What is one of your biggest concerns as an event manager? We would like to hear them in the comments. We will also appreciate if you can shed more light on how you have/are salvaging the situation.

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