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7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Event Management Software

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Recent studies on event marketing have shown that 50% of companies allocate 20% of their total marketing budget to events organization. Meanwhile, over 41% of marketers turning to events over other digital marketing channels.

Event hosting and management is, by statistics, one of the most promising marketing trends to these days. As a result, there is a rising demand for the digitalization of the space to cope with the demands of expansion.

Already, investments in automated event management software programs are on the rise indicating the advancement of a more competitive landscape. In this piece, we go through the various reasons for this trend and why its integration is important for businesses.

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Successfully managing an event requires a great deal of attention to the minutest details. Hence, to deal with the volume of information to be handled, you need a better solution than manual handling.

With that, we’ll highlight what your business stands to gain by applying automation to event management.

1. Efficient Budget Planning

Regardless of the size of the event being managed, the budget is perhaps the most important part of managing events. Every event is characterized by certain specifics. Thus, having the right resources at hand and the ability to channel available resources determine the effectiveness of the event planning.

However, the process of costing, controlling expenses and budget planning is subject to various operational details. Using an online event management system allows you to automate several event management processes, thereby, helping you cut down on the cost management process.

These systems are equipped with features that automatically collates all your events transactions and details, runs through your expected income and expenditure and analyzes them for better cost optimization.

Another feature is the capability to track quotations and evaluate the costing procedure carefully and accurately.

2. Proficient Data Management

In most cases, the efficiency of the team members involved in organizing events is determined by their access and ability to analyze relevant information. Since event management is a data-driven enterprise, the availability of an automated system for data analysis and control drives better productivity.

One of the event management software benefits, in this variation, includes a single-file or centralized database which ensures remote access to data for analysis. In effect, one of the most used technological products in event management is SaaS tools.

However, some of these systems are equipped to function with manual updates of data onto the system for analysis. Using the power wielded by automated, eventmanagement systems allows automatic data entry and processing – thus, helping to save SaaS team’s time and increasing efficiency in decision-making.

Running this system allows collation and processing of various forms of data like online registration and other logistics for further marketing. It also helps teams to get real-time updates on the progress of the projects at hand while reducing the time spent on creating multiple files by letting them give comments and recommendations on a single digital file.

3. Sophisticated and Better Event Marketing

Long-term marketing is one of the most vital factors in the success of your event. Event management systems allow for the promotion of events by soliciting leads for target audiences and extending to a wider audience base.

Event marketing tools are practically one of the most sophisticated event management software features that allow easy integration of content and delivery pages for the events while creating an interface for customer engagement. 

These tools harness various marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, blog sites and other online communities for better potential clients’ engagement. Some systems are equipped with tools like an event web builder, event calendar and a mailer.

These tools allow optimal marketing by building application forms and landing pages for online registrations and information, then collating the necessary information from the registration pages for insights on the target audience’s behavior and, finally, using various marketing channels to promote the event.

Also, these tools give would-be participants access to various programs through click-through or open buttons on their marketing channel. They automate performance tracking methods by tracking real-time data that is relevant to the event.

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4. Real-time and Post-event Analytics

Feedback and performance tracking plays an important role in event management. Most online event management systems are equipped with survey tools that allow you to gain sufficient insights on the clients’ satisfaction through the existing database of participants and post-event survey.

Through these tools, you get to conduct an analysis on the level of participation, engagement, no shows and location-based data. They help you gain the right information on the performance of your event and how well it could be improved.

5. Regulated Workflows

Visibility of the various work processes involved in the event planning allows you regulate your workflow for better results. These automated systems help you stay organized by automating various work process to allow you to cut down on cost and the time used on performing repetitive tasks.

Event marketing statistics show that the adoption of event technology can increase event attendance by 20% and productivity by 27%. Thus, with these systems in place, teams are able to multitask and streamline their work processes.

Already, statistics have further indicated that businesses that do use event software save an approximate 18.6 hours a month on event planning. This means that businesses get the advantage of lower overheads like optimal venue searches and better deals for cost-effectiveness with these software programs.

6. Arrivals and Payments Validation

Clients’ reception matters to your event. Hence, making the process of arrival registration and validation fast is important. Applying an automated event management system helps you to process participants’ details accurately, validate their presence with precision and stay organized.

These systems are designed to be interoperable with other tools. Hence, integrating them allows any internet-enabled devices to act as a self-service registration desk for guest arrivals. Also, applying this system to payments validation allows guest to complete their payment easily.

An event management system has the added advantage of ensuring that all details needed for the participants are efficiently provided. For instance, labels, receipts, payment invoices, events brochures, and badges are accurately printed out from the existing database.

7. Detailed and Multi-versioned Reporting

The ability to track trends and deliver well-detailed reports helps you make more informed decisions in the long run. Some event management solutions are equipped to help you to track down the necessary information needed for reporting.

Since reporting can take various forms and versions depending on the recipients of the reports, using these automated solutions allows you to build up the data adequate for the form of reporting required and create multiple versions of the reports.

What Does an Event Management Software Do?

Ultimately, the success of any event is weighed on the ability to harness available resources and details to manage them. Precision and accuracy is a critical part of event management – which is why automating the process is important.

An event management software program brings together every process you need to make a successful event. So, ranging from administration, clients’ engagement, accounts, and registration management to effective workflow management, an event management software is equipped to incite higher productivity levels.

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