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Eventbrite + Micepad: Event Ticketing Made Smoother

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Today, we’re announcing yet another exciting update!

Assisting more than 60,000 event organisers and recommending events to over a whopping 50 million attendees, Eventbrite is the world’s preeminent event management and ticketing platform. And starting on 24th October, Micepad users will be able to integrate our admin panel with Eventbrite, capturing attendee data and sending it to our attendee list.

This way, an attendee profile will be automatically created, the event’s mailing list will similarly be updated, and our dashboard metrics will track the new addition – all with the simple click of a button!

What does this mean for event organisers?

  • Time-saving & Hassle-free experience: No more manual importing and exporting of attendees. This not only saves time, but reduces the possibility of mistakes during data population.
  • Guest Profile Creation: Attendees details will be captured and systematically converted into a guest profile.
  • Instant Attendee Segmentation: Guest details captured through Eventbrite will be automatically sorted into groups based on ticket-type. Admin users can then send these groups customised emails.

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