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Boost your Sales with Email Marketing


What is email marketing? Simply put, it’s the process of marketing your products or services and directing your target audience’s attention via email. While it allows your organisation to reach out to new potential customers, it also helps to engage with your current ones. Email is one of the cheapest methods and it does generate sales. So how can you optimise email marketing to achieve your organisation’s goals?

Email to help, not to sell

Frustrated. Annoyed. Ignored. These were probably some of the feelings that surfaced when you sent out an email but received no response. Most people send emails simply with an aim to convert their recipients into customers but people are smart, they can tell. Your ultimate goal of sending out an email is to get them to open and read. So your subject line has to focus on them or how you can help them. Use the pronoun “you” to develop an affiliation with your recipients and if possible, include their name to deepen the connection – “Hi Alan, have you heard of Micepad?” It increases the chance of having your email opened.

No right time but the best time

Well, there are a lot of different articles out there but we have consolidated some of those optimal timings to send out an email. People get bombarded by lots of emails every day and most of them get overlooked. You definitely don’t want to be one of these senders. The most read email timing is somewhere in the afternoon between 12PM to 4PM when people are having their afternoon break. Tuesdays typically have the highest average email opens. We are not saying you must send your email specifically at these timings but there should be a balance to it as well.

Focus on your content

Keep it short and sweet or as people would say, KISS. Once you have managed to get your recipients to open your email, the last thing you want them to do is to hit on the back button. So you have to craft your content well – how can your product or service help them achieve their goals? Sometimes, a simple infographic does wonders. Just take Uber as an example. They send infographics of their deals and promotions, and clear explanation of how these deals work. Brief and straight to the point – just perfect for recipients who skim through emails.

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Once people have opened and read your email, then you are safe to say that more people are aware of you now. Or at least, heard of you. Should they respond to your email, then the next thing you can do is provide more details of how you can help them.

Email marketing might sound easy but balancing the bottom line of your message between helpful and hard cash is challenging. Hope these little tips will help you in the long run.

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