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4 Ways An Event App Enhances Audience Engagement

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A recent research study indicated that no less than 60% of marketers involved in event planning and management get better attendee engagement with an event planning software. Of the 40% who do not already use event apps, 75% of them have the intention of adopting such technology in the future.

If this is so, these event apps must be doing something right by organisers. Here are some of those goodies you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Eliminating the Hassles of Print Media

Many events are still guilty of using printed programs for their proceedings. While we are not against print media, it might not be the most effective one for you.

With print media, organizers have to worry about things like how…

  • Many copies of the program outline to print
  • To effectively manage the resources spent on print media
  • To deal with an unplanned change in the program, and so much more.

With an event app on your side, you don’t have to worry about that.

Afterall, 60% of smartphone users are already using their devices at social gatherings and events, so it wouldn’t hurt to tip your event app into their devices for the duration of your event.

2. Better Program Access

Following from the above, event attendees can get a lot more done from the event app. Besides getting real-time updates on changes to the show at one point or the other, they also get to access multimedia resources (think slides, presentations, clips, videos, materials, etc.) from the event.

Likewise, it becomes much easier for a user to navigate exhibitors, keynote speakers, booths and sections of the event hall, if need be.

3. Audience Engagement Boost

Your attendee never has to feel left out ever again when they have an event app at hand. With it, they can sync presentation times across their devices to get notified when a choice program is about to get underway.

Furthermore, the event planning software makes it easy to reach out to speakers/ exhibitors with questions and feedback after they must have left the podium. If this is not a great interaction and engagement boost to make your event even more successful, we don’t know what is.

4. Improve Revenue for Sponsors

The event sponsors who have dedicated their resources towards the success of your program also hope to gain exposure to all the attendees of the day. You can help them achieve this if you had a dedicated app for that event.

Here’s how:

  • The app can be downloaded and installed before the event starts at all, giving your sponsors an early foot in the door.
  • During the event, your sponsors get to reach out to the attendees with personalized messages and earn better engagements (and maybe conversions, as the case may be) from that.
  • Following the fact that a huge majority use their smartphones in events, your sponsors can always be actively present.

Wrap Up

By simply helping you save resources which could be better directed to making other parts of your event a success, boosting potential revenue and outreach for your sponsors while also ensuring a better experience for the attendees, incorporating an event app into your next event, conference, exhibition, seminar, etc. is a no-brainer.

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