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The Future of Brand Promotion & Audience Engagement


Event technology is one of today’s impressive and dramatically emerging developments. From a meager 9% of industries offering mobile apps to boost attendee experience way back in 2011, the use of event apps by brands has taken a huge leap and, well, the rest is history.

What exactly is an event app? What makes it a phenomenal tool for brands?

An event app is a handy, modern-day tool that helps improve events by making it more personalized and convenient. In the past, organizing events required more time to be executed perfectly based on what the brand’s objectives are. After all, different events require different event branding. But after apps designed for events were made available in the market, there has been a drastic shift in the event management perspective.

Event apps are capable of handling big and small demands for conducting conferences, meetings, workshops, training, and seminars. Below are just some concrete examples of how event apps can positively transform a simple event:

Tech Conference

Event Registration

The key to effectively building up an event is to create a pre-event marketing strategy that is not only appealing and convenient to the target audience, but is also an accurate representation of what the event is all about. Most event apps available support social media marketing, analytics, and event promotions for brands. Registration forms, websites, and invites can be set up depending on what fits the event’s objectives the most. Personalized registrations are highly effective in gauging audience interest. Adding event mobile guides, SMS and Push notifications for urgent announcements, pre-event surveys and mobile-friendly emails are some good examples on how to achieve this.



Event Check-In

If there’s one thing people hate about attending events, it’s having to wait in long queues before they get accommodated or ushered into the venue. Currently, event apps are designed to make event check-ins faster and more user-friendly. Participants can simply use an event app to authenticate their identity and verify attendance. The use of QR and barcode scanning, online ticket purchasing, simplified guest list management, and name badge printing make it quicker to accommodate attendees and track the guest list.

Tech Conference Check In

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement determines whether the event’s objectives are met or not. Event apps can help brands capture attendee interest more effectively by offering a variety of features that push for higher participant involvement. Participants respond positively to live Q&A and polling while hashtags customized for the event let attendees share the event with their peers and help your brand gain more mentions on social media. Post-event, audience engagement can be measured by conducting surveys or checking collected data from all the participants.


Aside from improving the content and encouraging audience involvement, networking is another way to put event apps to good use. For instance, creating a searchable event directory helps participants find fellow attendees or target contacts they wish to meet at the event. Create private social networks for photo sharing and messaging, or match guests based on their interests to help them break the ice and start socializing with each other.


Event Analytics

An event app would not be complete without enabling the collection of relevant audience insights and data. With event analytics, you can have a closer look at your guests’ feedback and activity, thereby understanding how you can improve future events for your brand, make it more enticing and come up with activities and topics that are of high significance to your audience.

Can you just imagine how dull and inefficient events would be without event apps? Surely, it is exciting to anticipate what future contributions event apps can bring to different niches.

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