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Launching The New V.8 Admin Panel

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v.8 is here!

Last December, we announced that we had updated the admin panel navigation in the first step to improving user experience and make features more accessible. 3 months later, we not only have a new website, but a new dashboard!

New features

1. Main Dashboard


Firstly, there’s the main dashboard. Previously, the old dashboard didn’t have charts, instead displaying only the numbers. After compiling the feedback from clients, we decided to display the data in a more versatile and comprehensive manner.

In the first update of v.8, certain data sets will be easier to grasp at a glance through the use of donut charts. A real time feed has also been added on the right to show posts, discussions and photos shared by all users. Additionally, quick statistics will reflect increases or decreases in real time.

2. Clone Event


Previous users probably remember the hassle of importing and exporting the content files for events with repeated agendas. Additionally, one of the biggest issues we faced was the possibility of incompatible files after a recent update.

So here’s the good news – you can now clone your event in one click! Just click on the new “Clone Event” button as shown in the image above and you’ll be able to duplicate your even with the exact same content. All event agendas, information pages, uploaded PDF documents and speaker profiles will be copied over.

3. Customised form fields


In v.7, registration form fields were all preset, Admin users can now customise the form fields for registration forms as well as app-login forms. Pick and choose from a variety of field types and even select your header text size!


Form fields can also be made compulsory or read only. The latter was specially requested in order to display preset details like table numbers and/or room names. We’ve found this particularly useful for events requiring further separation of guests for breakout sessions and other workshop activities.

4. Guest profile separation

When a single guest is attending multiple events with different agendas, sometimes they prefer to change their profiles. Previously, the account profile was the profile displayed at all events. However, with this new update guests can now have separate profiles for separate events – they can change their description, title or other viewable content to suit the occasion!

In addition, authorisation has been given to admin users to edit guest information on their behalf, i.e. when there are erroneous or outdated contact information. This is also a much requested add-on by clients due to guests utilising a shared account or standing in for an invitee.

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