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Introduction: How to Network Like a Pro


Why is networking important? It opens up opportunities, so learning how to network effectively is one of the essential skills you need especially if you want to advance in your professional life. You need these networking skills to be acquainted with the right person to help you get to places that you might not otherwise reach. If you are lucky, you might even land yourself in a dream job.

Network on a Personal Level

To cultivate a real and deep networking relationship, you need to let people know what you are doing. To be more credible, they need to know that you are good at it. But all these require investment, it takes time for people to trust you. Humans are naturally attracted to like-minded others, so we need to spend time bonding with them over mutual interests other than business. And this leads us to the next point.

Diversify Your Network

No point investing all your time on a single person. There’s only so much a person can do. Most of the time, you need people in your network to refer you. And having a diverse network expands these referrals. The more people you know, the more they can help you get the job done.

Micepad App to Your Rescue

Easier said than done. You can’t possibly know people have similar interests if you don’t spend more time connecting with them on a personal level but Micepad app can. In a large-scale networking event, you have the best opportunity to diverse your network but you only want to do it selectively. Micepad has a business matching that is essentially a networking feature. It ensures that you network with prospects most relevant to your interests. Now you can spend more time diversifying your network that is more relevant to you.

Rekindle that Network

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your network if you’ve lost that. But you know how we often reject our “friends” who call us out of the blue because they want to “review and advise” on our financial portfolio. So the best way is, don’t even lose touch in the first place. If they have helped you, help them back. If they have not, then all the more you should extend your helping hands to them. It takes two hands to clap, so you should always be maintaining your network.

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