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Event Master Series (Prelude)


We all like to think that we have got this event-planning thing down pat…but ask yourself this: “Do I really?

How we wish that we have a virtuoso hand and, with a small flick or a fancy brandish, complete all the event preparations and make it materialise right in front of us. But we are no magician, nor do we live in a Harry Potteresque world where a simple incantation can replicate hours of work.

Planning a meeting or an event for hundreds of participants is indeed a daunting task, but not an impossible one. With some guidance and determination, you can pull it off successfully. Micepad presents a three-part series of blog posts aimed to help you do just that. We kick start you on your event-planning journey and guide you to host a great event from the start to the finish, covering lesser-known information and frustrations that come along with it.

Off to a Good Start

When organising an event, the bulk of your time should be spent in the planning stage. You should take the time to think through every detail of the event, from envisioning the big picture to figuring out the minute details.

Brilliance In-Progress

After months of hard work, the moment of glory is now here. Put your public speaking skills to good use and deliver your best speech. While last-minute changes may be frustrating, take it in your stride and make the necessary edits. When the event is in full swing, be in the moment and take in as much as possible. Be aware of your participants’ reactions to the event proceedings and take note of anything that may be a cause for worry or little victories that can spur you on further. All these will come in handy during the post-event evaluation.

Back to the Drawing Board

This is the time to reflect on the information that you have gleaned from the event and learn from your mistakes. Gather all the employees who attended the event and ask them for their thoughts. Do encourage them to leave their shy selves behind and speak their mind for this will be the best way to improve. Rejoice if the feedback exceeds expectations and pick yourself up if it does not.

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Master In-The-Making

Just like in most  is necessary to accumulate mileage for a period of time before being considered as one. In the same vein, it is necessary to organise more events before you become really good at it.

So, go ahead. Pick our brain at this space en-route to becoming an Event Master.

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