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Event Apps: How the stats and figures underline their important to event sucess

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Event management and planning companies are starting to come into the realization of how important mobile apps are to the success of the overall event. Up to 75% of event planners who have not started using event apps state their plan to offer such solutions in their subsequent events.

With such high and impressive figures around the adoption of event apps, is this just another fad that will fade away soon?

We think not. Here are some reasons why you should consider building an app for your next event too.

Printing Press 1

1. Ditch the Printing Press

One of the biggest hassles with event planning is having a set number of printed program outlines for all attendees. This is very important since you don’t want any of the attendees feeling left out – or constantly having to borrow the program sheet from others at the same event.

At some points, you might end up printing more or less of these itineraries than needed. No matter which is it, it is usually a less than ideal situation.

Since there is no cap on app downloads, event apps will handle the numbers’ problem. Now, all every participant and attendee has to do is download a version of the app – and they get what’s happening for the day at their fingertips.

2. Program Flexibility

So, one of the keynote speakers won’t arrive on time? You would like to move a program up before the other? There’s a new order of event which is to be introduced mid-program?  

You don’t have to fret about all that anymore.

Pushing notifications to the apps will inform every attendant of any important update you might have for them in real-time. This saves you the stress of taking the stage to make the simplest of announcements – while also ensuring the event keeps going as seamlessly as possible.

Interacting at events

3. Improve Interaction

About 32% of event marketers have reported being frustrated by not being able to accurately measure their Return on Objectives. This is almost because, at the end of the event, there is no way to gather a convincing percentage of the attendees for their thoughts to be estimated.

Thankfully you can always track metrics of usage, interaction and other KPIs as the app is being used by the different attendees. Even without a dedicated form for getting user feedback – which can still be ingrained into the app – you can always have actionable data on the rest of your defined objectives.

Likewise, event apps make interacting with the event much easier for attendees.

Right from within the app, they can set schedules for events they want to attend, enable reminders for exhibitions to not miss, and more. Furthermore, the app can be used to aggregate all user questions to be shared with the keynote speakers/ presenters at the end of their session.

Calculating ROI

4. Return on Investment

One of the most important metrics to an event planner is the ROI they get on their various events. It is, thus, little wonder why 91% of event planners have gone for event apps – and have recorded positive returns on investment by so doing.

This is made possible by all of the easier follow-ups on the attendees much after the event is done, better optimization of product placements, and much more. Likewise, the in-app experience enables promoters to showcase their products – and that of the sponsors – in a single location while the event is ongoing.

Even if you have been recording positive ROI on your events to date too, you can get even higher plus figures when you incorporate event apps. Likewise, this is the best time to start so that you don’t fall back too much in the industry.

new v.8 dashboard 1

5. Real-Time Analytics

Recall the chance to measure event metrics from the app there? You don’t have to wait until the end of the event to enjoy the power of that.

Right from when the event is going on, you can pull real-time data to see how engaging the event is. This helps make instant decisions to turn the chain of happening around so much that the attendees have a great experience at every turn.

Payment Options

6. Reduced Overall Cost

Instead of creating an app for every event that comes your way, your brand could have a single event app for all other brands you are working with. All you have to do is create a different section for the new event under your app – and you are good to go.

This helps consolidate all the important data and analytics in the same place. With such a data treasure chest at your disposal, adequate planning for coming events becomes easier.

Furthermore, delivering targeted, concise and relevant information becomes better streamlined too.

Final Words

There are a lot of positive impacts that event management apps bring to the table, and savvy event planners have already started leveraging those for the improved success of their efforts. 

If you haven’t already started using event apps, it is never too late to get in and ride the wave too.

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