Creating A Unique Event App with DUH!

The release of mobile applications for smart devices have taken the market by storm, spanning across various industries and purposes. From the simple to the complex, free-to-use and paid applications, one thing is certain: Mobile apps have increased productivity and profitability for businesses and individuals.

Zooming in to the MICE Industry, mobile applications have not only helped to save time and money, but also increased participation and excitement among attendees through interactive features. Why then are conferences and meetings still organised the old-fashioned way?

Budgetary constraints and infrastructure requirements are an obvious concern. But think about it. How long does it take realistically to develop an application from start to finish? About four to five months! From conceptualisation, to cross platform availability, to user acceptance testing, application development can be extremely complex and time consuming.

A common question we often hear is: “What is the lead time for something like this?” Our question to you is: “How ready is your content?”. With the shortest lead time we’ve had is less than a week from start to finish. Say goodbye to pen and paper and go digital today!

Here’s how you do it in a method so simple, we named it “Duh!”

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