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A Guide to the 11 Best Mobile Event Apps for Events for Smooth Management

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Event apps are blowing up right now—and for good reason.

79% of event attendees said the event host should give them an app with event info.

And we don’t blame them.

These mobile apps transform how organizers like you coordinate events and how your attendees interact. That’s from seamless registration to real-time updates and digitizing event materials to harnessing data analytics.

Convinced you need one too?

Sure, but don’t just pick the first one that appears in your Google search. Carefully vet your options so your choice smoothens your event management. And to help, we’ve done the heavy lifting.

Here’s a review of the 11 best mobile event apps to help you streamline your event planning so you pass on a great experience to your attendees.

Best Apps For Events to Use in 2024

1. Micepad Mobile App

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Foremost, Micepad is an award-winning and fully integrated (from web to mobile) event management platform to streamline event management processes. One of its core products is the Micepad mobile event appliation, the primary objective of which is to elevate attendees’ experience at scale. That’s by empowering attendees to plan their schedules, network effectively, and stay informed. 


  • offers a range of features that allow users to access event information, interact with speakers and other attendees
  • highly localized event management platform in Singapore (SG), Hong Kong (HK), and Taiwan (TW), with an extensive experience in the industry for over a decade
  • offers transparent and competitive pricing plans
  • self-service approach for easy sign-up and payment
  • provides powerful analytics for tracking your success metrics


  • Offices for reaching out are in Asia only

🔥  Want to hear our story? Follow us here. Micepad has 10+ years of experience helping event organizers improve their efficiency and provide a seamless experience to their attendees from pre-event registration to post-event community engagement. 

2. vFairs Mobile App

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vFairs Mobile App is an easy-to-use tool for attending and participating in events on the go. It enhances the experience for attendees by making it easier to connect, participate, and access information, regardless of the event format (virtual, hybrid, or in-person).


  • intuitive and user-friendly for both event organizers and attendees
  • white-label the event app for sponsorship integration within the resources section
  • responsive customer support


  • pricing is not readily available

3. Cvent Attendee Hub

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Cvent Attendee Hub Event App is a mobile event app that leverages technology to facilitate attendee engagement. Some of its notable features enable personalized event journeys for attendees, allowing for seamless interaction and participation in various event activities.


  • has features for extending attendee engagement throughout the event like AI-powered networking, 1:1 attendee messaging, and live Q&A
  • offers real-time event engagement tracking
  • makes it easy to create both event websites and native mobile apps 


  • limited options for deeper customization
  • may have a steeper learning curve for some users

4. Webex Events (Formerly Socio) Mobile App

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Webex Events is a customizable event app for improving the attendee experience and centralizing event content. The app is designed to serve as a digital networking portal, event guide, and content hub, giving easy access to all the information surrounding the events attendees attend.


  • offers the flexibility to choose between standard, out-of-the-box event apps or fully branded and customized solutions
  • allows attendees to connect with others by shaking their phone
  • supports on-the-go viewing through live streaming


  • difficult to navigate
  • no readily available pricing information 

5. Whova Mobile App

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    Whova is an award-winning mobile app designed to boost networking, engagement, and event logistics management. Its technology creates detailed profiles of attendees so that users can view other attendees’ profiles before they even arrive at an event, plan whom to meet, and reach out to others via in-app messages. 


    • streamline logistics for event registration, check-in, scheduling, and other organizational tasks
    • store event information offline, ensuring attendees can access important details even without an internet connection
    • create exclusive sessions for VIP attendees through speed networking


    • lacking in modern design elements
    • limited document-sharing options

    6. Hopin Mobile App

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    Hopin is a mobile event platform now acquired by Ring Central. It’s an affordable platform that offers a free option for small events (up to 2 hours in event length or up to 100 registrations/event). It even engages your online and on-site attendees to connect face-to-face virtually.


    • accessible for organizations hosting smaller-scale or entry-level events
    • supports virtual networking
    • allows concurrent live sessions


    • may not offer as many customization options
    • confusing pricing structure

    7. Hubilo Mobile App

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    Hubilo is an event app you can use for in-person and virtual events—especially built for webinars. With Hubilo, you can connect with the right person and keep engaging with them before and after the event. It also collects all relevant data (who watched which session, who was attentive, and who asked which question) which is then synced into the company CRM.


    • has engagement options like emoticon reactions, polls, Q&A, chats & gifs
    • understand attendee interest and behavior through analytics capabilities
    • caters to both in-person and virtual events


    • pricing for larger events or custom solutions is not readily available
    • some users have reported challenges in integrating with Hubspot

    8. EventMobi Mobile App

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    EventMobi is a customizable mobile event application that makes attending an unforgettable experience. Once you have created your event, it’s easy for the organizer and participants to navigate. Also, it’s an interactive platform to not only keep tabs on the event but to network with fellow attendees and engage with them. 


    • helps attendees connect and participate in the event through features like chat, polls, and Q&A
    • intuitive and easy to navigate
    • known for its responsive and helpful customer service


    • not be ideal for very large virtual events (over 10,000 attendees)
    • some users have reported experiencing time lags during live events using the app

    9. Airmeet Mobile App

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    Airmeet Mobile App is a customizable mobile application that allows event organizers to create a branded app for their events. With Airmeet, you can build a branded app all while your event attendees interact freely—regardless of location. The app offers engaging features such as participating in live sessions, upvoting questions in Q&A, and participating in on-screen polls.


    • can be customized to include the organizer’s logos, colors, and other branding elements
    • offers social lounges to join tables to connect and network with other participants
    • focuses on attendee engagement during live sessions by asking questions, responding to polls, and using emojis to show appreciation


    • overwhelming to keep track of all the new added features
    • pricey

    10. 6Connex Mobile App

    6Connex Mobile App is a convenient solution for event organizers and participants. It has a user-friendly interface packed with intuitive tools for managing events, engaging attendees, and tracking real-time data. The app is simply for different event stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for everyone involved.


    • intuitive and easy to use
    • a comprehensive solution for different event players (organizers, attendees, partners, and exhibitors)
    • supports real-time data tracking and engagement analytics


    • the customization process can be tedious
    • limited scrolling capabilities

    11. SwapCard Mobile App

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    SwapCard Mobile App is a fully customizable mobile event app as it allows event organizers to personalize their event app’s branding, including adding their logo, colors, background images, and fonts, plus customizing the URL and email sender to fully white label the app. It also empowers attendees to network, capture leads, and manage their event schedules in one place.


    • maintain a consistent brand image through its white-label solution
    • enhance attendee engagement with virtual networking lounges, gamification elements, and real-time polls or surveys
    • Has dedicated space for updating and modifying the content


    • a little clunky
    • Intimidating for first-time users

    Concerns when choosing an event app 

    When choosing an event app, concerns differ whether attendees are participating virtually or in-person. Let’s break it into details.

    For hybrid events:

    A hybrid event is a mashup of an in-person and a virtual event. People can attend either physically at a location or virtually online. But though it may sound very promising, virtual event organizers have these concerns:

    • Will my online attendees face connectivity issues?

    Choose an event app with a solid streaming infrastructure. One that can handle high bandwidth demands and still, ensure uninterrupted live streams for virtual attendees. As a contingency plan, choose an app that can also record the live sessions and make them available on-demand.

    • Will both virtual and in-person attendees have a consistent event experience?

    Look for an event app that bridges digital and physical experiences. An app that seamlessly integrates virtual and in-person activities, like as real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. The key is both attendees can participate together.

    • Can I consolidate virtual and in-person data?

    When choosing an event app for hybrid events, the ability to consolidate data from both virtual and in-person sources is important. Consider an event app that provides a single unified data platform to capture and analyze all event data, whether from virtual or in-person sources. 

    For in-person events:

    In-person events, also sometimes called physical events, are the traditional way of holding events. It’s being together in a physical space. Here are the common concerns of in-person event organizers:

    • What if we have poor wifi or internet connectivity at the venue?

    Offline capabilities are a must. The conference mobile app should function smoothly even without internet access. Your attendees should still be able to network and pull up essential event info no matter what the connection situation is. Ideally, you can customize which sections or features are available in offline mode.

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    • What are the onsite support and implementation services?

    The mobile event app support team should offer comprehensive onsite support services, technical deployment resources, and hands-on troubleshooting during the event dates themselves. Their professional services and customer support models are important factors.

    • What costs am I really looking at beyond just subscription fees?

    The sticker price is just one piece of the pricing puzzle. You have to understand any extra costs for integrations, premium support, branding, or development work. And whether pricing is per attendee or per event-based. 

    🔥 If you need a mobile app with transparent pricing plans, Micepad is your best choice. Pricing is clear, upfront, and with no hidden fees.

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    How is Micepad your ultimate solution?

    Want to skip the hassle of choosing? Host better in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with Micepad. The Micepad mobile event app is just what you need to enhance yours and attendee experience.

    No overburdening users with technology overload

    Sometimes, attending an event can be overwhelming. The last thing you’d want to do is bombard attendees with too techy or complex tools. The Micepad mobile event app is built with a user-friendly interface and a focus on simplicity—no learning curve really. It offers a seamless experience for attendees, allowing them to access essential event information, engage with content, and network.

    Real-time reporting 

    Event organizers need real-time data and analytics to track engagement and make informed decisions during and after the event. Micepad recognizes that. So, the app real-time data and reporting within its mobile event app.

    Incentives for users

    Incentives on events? Yes. Attendees may not feel motivated to actively use the event app if there are no incentives or gamification elements to encourage engagement. Micepad offers gamification features to enhance attendee participation and create a more engaging experience.

    No security issue

    Event attendees and organizers are rightfully concerned about data security and privacy, especially when using an app that handles sensitive information. Micepad prioritizes data security and privacy to protect user information (like the use of multi-factor authentication)and comply with industry standards and regulations.


    Have a limited budget? It’s true that event apps are perceived to be pricey. But wait, here’s Micepad. The mobile event application is a cost-effective solution offering competitive pricing compared to alternative event app providers.

    Invest in a mobile event app today

    If you’re an event organizer who always puts your attendees’ experience first, a mobile event app is your best bet to give them what they need—an immersive and memorable event experience. 

    Want to complement that to double your event’s success? Provide laptops to your attendees as well! Contact SGPad for more info about renting a laptop in bulk.

    But then again, there are a lot of app options in the market. So, exercise due diligence in selecting the best solution for your specific event needs. By investing in the right event app, you can turn “just-another-conference to-attend” into a “superb-and-fun-experience”. Check out our review above so you narrow your choices early on.

    No time to go through it? Go for Micepad

    It’s user-friendly with tons of engagement features. Plus it provides real-time data analytics and uses stringent security measures to protect attendee information. Everything you need for smooth event management and high audience engagement. Get started today!

    Your complete event management software


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