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Mobile Event App: How It Enhances Attendee Experience (Plus The Best Mobile Event App in 2024)

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Traditional event management methods are long gone. Now, we can say there are even more complex and challenging tasks.

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But here’s the thing. 

The event industry is getting a game-changing solution. No more clutching a thick program booklet or missing a critical announcement of schedule change—all thanks to mobile event apps.

Check this out:

Research shows that the usage rate of mobile phones in events has gone as high as 94%. So, it’s not really a surprise that its market size is expected to reach USD 1,257.23 million in 2031.

Get to know more about the app in this post PLUS we’ll share with you the top 5 mobile event apps in 2024.

What are mobile event apps?

Mobile event applications (or attendee mobile apps) are specialized and downloadable apps designed specifically for events like conferences, corporate gatherings, and tradeshows. The idea is to have a centralized platform for communication, information delivery, and engagement among event participants—including attendees, organizers, and exhibitors. So in a nutshell, a mobile event app is an indispensable tool for event planners.

Here’s how it usually works:

  • The mobile event app software is pre-built by event app development companies like Micepad or custom-built for the organizers.
  • Organizers like you upload all the information that will populate the app and this include event schedule, speaker bios, exhibitor information, interactive maps of the venue, and downloadable content for attendees.
  • On the day of the event, it allows easy check-ins for attendees and sends real-time updates, announcements, and alerts directly to attendees’ mobile devices.
  • You can also create real-time polls to gauge audience interest or run live Q&A sessions with speakers. There are also apps that provide networking tools among attendees to encourage connections.
  • Check the app’s analytics and reporting (usually displayed in analytics dashboards) to collect valuable data on attendee behavior, session attendance, engagement levels, and other event metrics.

But here’s a question: Is a mobile event application the same as the event’s website? The simple answer is no. They actually serve different purposes. Let me explain:

What is mobile app and web app? 

The website is typically a marketing hub before the event (pre-event information) accessible via browsers. They’re usually used for event registration and ticketing. On the other hand, a mobile application is built specifically for the event. The information here is more detailed and in real-time. So, the website and mobile app complement one another for a data-rich event experience.

🔥 Need a quick solution to elevate your attendee experience? Check out Micepad’s mobile event app for superior engagement and real-time access during the live event.

Why do you need a mobile event app for your event?

As an event organizer, incorporating a mobile event app into your event strategy is beneficial for you, the attendees, and even your stakeholders. Let me break it down for you.

  1. It’s cheaper and more sustainable. 

Digital event guides, maps, and materials are way cheaper. In fact, 78% of businesses that use digital apps report a positive return on event investment. How? Organizers can reduce their reliance on printed materials, contributing to cost savings and a more sustainable approach. 

  1. It streamlines the communication of event organizers with attendees. 

Mobile event apps serve as a centralized platform for communication with attendees. When there are real-time schedule updates or important announcements, you can send push notifications directly to attendees’ mobile devices. Within a single platform, you can conveniently share all event-related information.

  1. It lets you see what you need to see. 

This quote always sticks—you can’t measure what you don’t know. Most mobile event apps have reporting and data export capabilities so you can extract and analyze the metrics (like attendance and engagement data) that are most relevant to your event goals.

  1. It gives attendees a personalized experience.

This is about the app’s personalization and customization capabilities—talk about interactive venue maps, personalized agendas, and speaker information at attendees’ fingertips. Mobile event apps empower attendees to curate their own unique event experiences.

How to choose the right mobile event app

Selecting the right mobile event app is tricky. You must evaluate your requirements and choose an app that fits your event objectives. So, here are the key factors to consider when choosing a mobile event app: 

Before anything else, identify your specific goals.

Define your goals upfront. From there, you’ll have a clear roadmap for choosing the right event app. For example, if your main goal is networking among attendees, you’ll want an app that prioritizes features like matchmaking algorithms, in-app messaging, or virtual meetups.  And knowing your specific goals will also define the features and functionalities you need. 

Look for an app that allows for customization and branding.

Your event app is an extension of your brand. So, choose an app that will reinforce brand recognition. Choose one that will let you add your company’s logo, color scheme, or overall brand theme. If you can make it uniquely yours, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Check the interface.

While you’re assessing the interface, focus on how easy it is to navigate. Nobody wants to deal with a clunky or confusing app. Opt for one with an intuitive interface that’s easy for both you and your attendees to use. It’s a plus point if it’s visually appealing without being overwhelming. 

Choose an app’s scalability to accommodate your event’s size.

When we talk about scalability, we’re essentially looking at how well the app can grow and adapt as your event changes—whether it’s a small conference or a large-scale trade show. Check if the app has any limitations on the number of users it can support simultaneously. You don’t want attendees experiencing glitches or slow performance just because the app is overloaded.

Forget cost vs. value.

Yes, pricing is always a non-negotiable factor. But sometimes, it’s best to forget about the price tag altogether and dwell solely on the value the app brings to the table. If you can, don’t skimp on quality. In some cases, paying a little extra can lead to a much better experience for you and your attendees.

To even help you choose, we’ve done the heavy lifting and listed the top mobile event apps. This is a localized list in Singapore.

5 top mobile event apps in Asia

With several leading platforms catering to the needs of event organizers and attendees in Asia, which mobile event apps are available? Here are some of the top mobile event apps available in Asia:

  1. Micepad – for pricing inquiries, please request a demo
image 2

Micepad is a Singapore-based solution for your end-to-end event management. From registration management, audience engagement tools (polls, Q&A), and analytics—all are valuable for event organizers. What makes it unique is its deep understanding of the Singapore event landscape and being a local product, Micepad is familiar with the specific needs of event organizers in Singapore.  Thus, catering to the specific requirements of local organizers. 

As a mobile event app, the platform has a strong focus on attendee engagement and data-driven decision-making.

Key features:

  • Let attendees craft their ideal event experience with customizable event schedules and agendas
  • Can be used for networking opportunities
  • Gives you full control during live polling, Q&A, and feedback tools
  • Has strong analytics and reporting dashboard to easily inform future event planning
image 3


  • As of the moment, the Micepad website covers the asia region
  1. Vfairs – contact for pricing
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Vfairs is an event platform that also offers a mobile event app for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It’s designed to delight attendees by offering a seamless and interactive experience, making it a valuable tool for event planners looking to boost engagement and interaction during their events. 

Key features:

  • Ensure a smooth attendee entry process with QR code check-in capabilities
  • Boost interactive and engaging sessions with live polls and Q&A
  • Stay connected with attendees through timely push notifications


  • The post-event reporting is confusing with so many options
  • The platform is slow at times for users who attended
  1. Cvent – contact Sales for pricing based on annual license fee and per registrant fee

Cvent Attendee Hub is a mobile platform as part of its suite of event management solutions. You can also customize the platform to reflect your brand style—whether it’s the imagery, content, or colors. Overall, it’s easy to use both from the planner’s side to focus more on the user experience and the attendee/user’s perspective to keep them engaged and informed.

Key features:

  • With brand styling controls empowered by drag & drop widgets
  • Gives personalized experience to attendees through instant access to key event details
  • Analyze attendee engagement from their feedback and engagement scores


  • Lack of customization options for grouping audiences together
  • Can be expensive
  1. Eventify – Pricing starts at $599 /Event
image 4

Eventify is a feature-rich conference mobile app for improving attendee engagement. If you organize virtual events, connecting all the corporate persons from multiple sectors under one roof is a breeze. It uses artificial intelligence to amplify your attendee’s networking opportunities.

Key features:

  • AI-powered connections based on mutual interests
  • Provides a digital platform for exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their brand’s highlights
  • Lets you build community with your event attendees


  • May not work with other Android phones like Huawei and Oppo
  • Not much review available
  1. Whova – submit form for a price quote request
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Whova is one of the best mobile event apps for conferences. This versatile platform empowers attendees, vendors, and presenters to seamlessly interact through robust chat, direct messaging, and topic-based discussion capabilities. Whova’s extensive toolset streamlines the entire event planning process, enabling organizers to efficiently manage every aspect from a centralized hub.

Key features:

  • Send targeted push notifications to attendees with updates, announcements, or reminders.
  • Upload all relevant event information, including schedules, speaker bios, exhibitor details, maps, and downloadable resources.
  • Enable live features like streaming presentations, live Q&A sessions, or real-time audience polling to boost attendee interaction.


  • Navigating through the many useful features can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for new users.
  • It doesn’t always track attendees accurately

Tips for using mobile event apps effectively

To truly maximize their benefits, event organizers need to implement effective strategies and best practices. That’s why here are some tips for using mobile event apps effectively:

Tip #1 Encourage attendees to download your event app early.

First things first. Promote your event early to build anticipation and excitement. Then actively encourage attendees to download your event app early by pointing out that navigating it beforehand will boost familiarity and make troubleshooting easier. 

Tip #2 Use push notifications sparingly.

Less is more when it comes to push notifications. Don’t overwhelm attendees’ phones with lots of notifications. Instead, deliver high-quality messages that are necessary for their event experience. You don’t want attendees disabling or ignoring the alerts, right?

Tip #3 Gamify the experience.

Gamifying the experience means injecting elements of fun, competition, and achievement into the event using game-like features within the mobile app. This encourages attendees to actively participate in the event enticed by rewards and recognition. Turning event activities into challenges or games makes the experience more enjoyable and engaging for attendees.

Tip #4 Make adjustments if necessary.

Be prepared to make changes on the fly based on feedback and data analysis. Actively solicit feedback through surveys, polls, or direct communication channels within the app. And before rolling out any changes or updates to the app, thoroughly test them to ensure they work as intended. Conduct beta testing first.

Tip #5 Provide on-demand content.

Here’s how to rock the on-demand content game: Make sure you record sessions, presentations, and any other content worth sharing. And upload them to your event app pronto! Create a dedicated section or library where attendees can easily access all the on-demand content at their fingertips. Keep it organized and easy to navigate so they can find what they’re looking for without any fuss.

Centralize event details with mobile event apps

Don’t get left behind in the changing event industry. Modernize the way your events are planned, executed, and experienced. No matter if you’re planning a conference, trade show, festival, or corporate gathering, embedding a mobile event application into your event strategy, can set you apart from other traditional event organizers.

We invite you to explore the top mobile event apps available in Singapore (and beyond) that best align with your unique needs. Partnering with the right event app provider can change event organizing forever. 

If you have no time to research the best mobile event app, go to Micepad. We’ll take care of everything you need to manage the end-to-end event management lifecyle. Organize events with us and improve your attendee experience with our check-in solutions.

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