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5 Benefits That Make Online Event Check-In Software Worth All The Hype


Online event registration is all the rave right now, but what about event check-ins too?

Slowly but surely, they are also gathering a lot of momentum – and that will continue into the next decade. If you are still wondering why that is so, here are some compelling reasons to include an online event check-in software into your next event planning.


1) Improve Attendee Experience

What is the first thing the attendee experiences when they get to your event? The check-in counter, of course.

Now, no matter what else you have planned for them on the inside, you could potentially ruin the entire event for them from this point. All it takes is keeping them on a long, slowly-moving and frustrating queue, and they will most likely not enjoy the event. Couple that with them missing some of the planned events just because they were out in the check-in line, and you might have successfully ruined the event with your own hands.

Event check-in software allows you to get out of this bind.

With an intuitive, easy-to-use, smooth and fast interface, every attendee can be registered and checked in in the blink of an eye.

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2) Saving on Paper

There is a preference for brands and organizations going green these days, besides the obvious impact that has for our environment too. Thus, you would be killing two birds with one stone when you choose online check in apps.

This is especially true for brands that host multiple events in a single year. The mounds of paper which could have been consumed in registering and checking in each attendee will go a long way in helping us contribute to a better environment.

That leads us to the next point.

Data Analytics

3) Better Data Management

Where do we start from?

Paper registrations and check-in do not allow for a certain kind of flexibility. For example, making last minute changes to the attendee list would require the manual entering of their details which could take quite some time. This would not be an issue with online check-in apps which would allow such details to be updated over the air instead.

Furthermore, modifications to existing data is made smoother and neater with check-in software. In practice, they make it easy for the attendee to request and update accommodation status, food preferences, preferred activities and much more. All of that is done in such a way that beats having to cross the details out from a piece of paper – or simply issuing another piece of document to that effect.

In the same vein, keeping close track of the data is made possible. While papers can get lost and missing, the information from online options will be stored in the cloud forever. That way, it can always be accessed anywhere and at any time, as long as the viewer has the required permissions to view such data.

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4) Improved ROI & Productivity

The ROI is always a measure of how much was pumped into the event, and what was gained from it in the end. Thinking of how much goes into an event, you also have to consider all the extra hands being hired to perform certain routine tasks.

These positions could easily be eliminated when an online event check-in software is in play. A fewer number of employees will be required to man the check-in stand this time around while the other workforce could be deployed to performing more core, productive tasks.

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5) Insights

Data is very important to businesses these days, and you can leverage these check-in apps to better your trade as an event organizer.

With permission from the user, this event check-in software can provide valuable insights into the lives of the attendee. This data can be taken and leveraged for better promotion of future events to ensure improved conversions which leads to a better ROI on the general.


The time is near when you would not be asked the question of whether or not you are using an event check-in app/ software, but asked which one you are using. So that this does not come to bite you in the back, now is a good a time as any to get started with enjoying the numerous benefits which they bring to the table.


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