The Client: People's Association

How the People's Association Reduced Check-in time by 80% with Micepad
Case Study

The Client: People's Association

Established on 1st July 1960, the People’s Association (PA) is a statutory board of Singapore that aims to connect Singaporeans with their governmental offices. Its mission is to “build and bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore”.

The board employs some 500 civil servants and oversees neighbourhood grassroots communities and social organisations, including the 108 community centres all over Singapore.

As one of the arms of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, PA organises many programmes and activities for every constituency in Singapore. They host workshops, courses, community sports activities, festivals and many more.





Employee Count




The Challenge

On 3rd March 2019, PA hosted the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Appreciation gathering. A team of volunteers under the Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E) Committees, CERT members are trained to render basic first aid, evacuation and crowd control before and after emergency authorities arrive.

This gathering was attended by both PA members as well as Grassroots Leaders (GRLs) of over a dozen communities and organisations for the express purpose of improving the workshops and training programs offered by CERT. 800+ people gathered together to brainstorm on how to further enhance CERT, as well as tackle the issue of fostering a greater sense of belonging in their fellow countrymen.

The Solution

This was not the first cooperation between Micepad and PA. Previously, Micepad had supported the National Day Rally (NDR) and MESRA meetings, as well as workplan, council and GRL meetings. Impressed with our speed and service, PA decided to engage us for this major forum.

The Micepad team worked together with PA to setup staffed check-in kiosks. Using QR code scanning technology, we were able to reduce check-in times to 3 seconds per guest – drastically reducing queue lengths.








Surveys Filled

The Result

On the big day, check-in times were much speedier, with minimal queuing at the entrance. This was a huge improvement compared to when they were searching for names in an Excel spreadsheet, staff commented.

“Registration is now much faster than before. There used to be long queues but now there are only 3 or 4 people queuing each time.”
~Kenneth Tan, Senior Manager (Emergency Resources), EPD

A total of 25 questions and polls were run that day, garnering a whopping 1048 replies – an overwhelming response compared to previous Q&As

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