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Virtual Events: Updated Roadmap

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In the last month, we’ve released more than 3 new virtual platform features including: 

1. New virtual event product to help event organisers pivot online which include all the core features that will allow them to host virtual events with a thoughtful, engaging, virtual platform that puts their content and attendees virtual experience at the forefront. Additional key highlights include a Micepad Live Stream / Video Conference Management Countdown. 

2. One Click Sign on that enhances the security posture.

3. Other new features and improvements. 

We’re also in the midst of building more new features to further enhance the attendee’s virtual experience with us. As clients and attendees have gotten used to our event engagement tools, we’ve also heard that you would like more visibility into what we’re working on and when to expect them to be launched. Today, we’re excited to announce Virtual Events: Updated Roadmap (Part 2). The updated roadmap is designed to give more clarity and information about what features and functionality to expect in the coming foreseeable weeks ahead. 

What we’re launching:

1. 1:1 Video Chat (August 2020): We will raise the bar for the networking experience by including 1:1 video. Connecting attendees, sponsors and virtual exhibitors directly is essential to building real experience that we want to create. In addition,  we will empower you to create dynamic micro-communities within your event space.

2. Simultaneous Interpretation (August 2020): Event organisers that would like to include interpreters in their video conference events will now have the ability to enable language interpretation. This allows the host to designate attendees as interpreters on the virtual platform.  When the meeting or webinar starts, the host can start the interpretation feature, which will give the interpreters access to their own language channel. Attendees can select a language channel to hear their language of choice.

Supported languages include: Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, English, French, Korean and Japanese

Beyond the August release window we’re going to continue to work tirelessly on this new platform and keep you updated on the opportunities that we’re working on. Without revealing too much yet, one of our foremost priorities will be introducing new changes to the event management dashboard panel.

If you’re uncertain about what the virtual platform capabilities are and how much they cost, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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