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Virtual Events: Roadmap Revealed

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In mid March, Micepad revealed that we will be launching a virtual event platform in the coming weeks.  We expect to share upcoming product updates and previews along the way but this post is purposefully dedicated to our virtual event product roadmap. 

We’re gaining insightful product suggestions and lots of interests from event managers of different industries. Among the most hotly discussed questions are when the product will be launched and what new features can be expected. In this post, we’ll uncover the exciting planned release timeframe for features that many have been waiting for.

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We’re rapidly building new interactive features while bringing in all the familiar features and functionality you’ve come to love in the mobile and web app. We recommend giving it a try as it’s evolving quickly. So be sure to keep an eye on it!

1. Attendee Virtual Experience (May 2020): All the core features that will allow you to host virtual events with a thoughtful, engaging, virtual platform that puts your content and your attendees virtual experience at the forefront. Additional key highlights include a Micepad Live Stream / Video Conference Management Countdown.

2. One Click Sign On (May 2020): With a single click, users can click on a unique link that is contained within the email to join your event. Enabling this single sign on authentication, we eliminate the need for users to create a password. If multiple logins of a single user are detected, an error message will be prompted and restrict the user from logging on to all the other sessions.

3. Web Recording by Micepad (May 2020): Besides streaming via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom, we’ll also deliver our own fully integrated capabilities in a next-generation enterprise video solution. It provides an engaging video experience to everyone, viewing on mobile and desktop.

4. Virtual Booths (June 2020): Catered specially for virtual events with specific themes. Our all new virtual booths are designed to connect booth hosts with targeted audience or everyone. This new feature provides the ability for booth hosts to connect with users via video conferencing or live streaming methods.

If you’re uncertain about whether the platform will be ready in time for your event needs or would like to suggest product ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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