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Micepad December Updates 2019

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In the blink of an eye, 2019 is nearly over. It’s been a year of big changes for Micepad, with a new website, new features, and plenty of updates! Although December brings to mind holidays and merrymaking, our tech team has by no means slacked off! 

Following up on our newly implemented interactive module, we’ve taken the time to tweak and further improve upon our current design. 

Small (but mighty!) new features for Q&A

QA Update

New Stat Counter

We’ve added the count number for pending, approved and archived responses! The change may look small, but we’ve found that it has a great impact on our users’ capability to assess the popularity of topics. With this update, we’ve taken more steps towards improving the measurability of our engagement metrics.

Moderation Toggle

During many events, we’ve noticed that the moderation setting was especially popular with users. Indeed, this extremely useful setting has been one of the most used since the start of Micepad. However, we also realised that plenty of users would double and even triple check to make sure that it was on, which was why we decided to ease their concerns by moving the button securely to the front!

New icon buttons

Micepad has always aimed for a sleek and clean panel design that maximises utility and user-friendliness. In keeping with this goal, we’ve switched the text buttons beside the messages to icons for not just a fresher look, but a more intuitive approach. 

Additionally, besides the append icon [+], we’ve also included the ‘screen’ icon to push individual messages to the projector screen.

New Profile Photo/Initial Setting

Finally, we added a new setting that shows the poster’s profile photo or initial on-screen.

Stay tuned for more Micepad updates!

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