Let Everyday Be Dress Down Friday

Much too often, what we wear is viewed as a reflection of our character, and to that end, a reflection of how other people perceive us. It is essentially you, defined by your dress code. Coming from a startup where ‘Casual’ is clearly stated as the company’s dress code, everyday is dress down Friday.

Say Goodbye to the Dress Down Friday Conundrum

You may be wondering why we advocate this when there is already one day in the week—Friday—to wear casual clothing. For some people, that one day of casual wear, instead of being a happy occasion, is fraught with perils. In a personal article, this writer equates casual Friday to judgement day. She no longer cares to dress down on Friday because it is just too much work to figure out what is appropriate.

But, wait. Everyday?

Since having a single day of casual wear ends up causing the employees to get a dressing down instead, some companies have turned to make it an everyday affair. At Micepad, we have a casual dress code that allows us to wear anything we want so long as it is decent and presentable. We are not alone in that aspect. This phenomenon seems prevalent