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How Can Polls Improve your Meeting Experience


If you were around in the events industry many years ago, you will probably be used to something like this if you wanted to conduct a poll.

While effective, voting through one of these keypads not only seems unresponsive as it is a one way communication, it look outdated and clunky.  Managing a large number of devices in a crowd without one of them going missing, getting damaged or not working is also a big logistical issue.

While this technology is still available today, and works perfectly fine, why not go for something more refined, more convenient and a lot cooler! With mobile applications and engagement solutions, engaging your audience is simple, quick and in the palm of your attendees!

Micepad Live Polling Display

Using their very own mobile phones, polls can be administered with the results shown live on the screen. This has not only become a handy way to get everyone involved, but also a good way to start a discussion with poll results giving the flow and direction. It is also versatile in it’s uses.

Want to find out what the crowd thinks? Do a poll before your presentation and do another one right after and see the change in their understanding and knowledge.

Not sure of how to carry on the discussion? Plan polls during your panel discussion and use them if you need interesting insights to discuss.

Want to give out a prize? Get the audience to vote for the winner live on screen!

Micepad Live Polling Display

As you can see. a poll can come in handy at several points during your conference. But be sure to never create a poll for the sake of creating one. Doing this might lead to lower participation and resistance to participation as not only does it get repetitive after a while, it might even feel irritating. Don’t turn a positive to a negative. Use it wisely!

micepad live polls on projector screen

Now that you’ve had these insights, how likely are you to use a poll for your next event?

A. Very Likely
B. Likely
C. Not Likely
D. Not At All

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