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How an Event App Can Bring your Event to Success


You may not realize it, but your events may not be driving the ideal number of conversions for your business. This could be due to outdated methods or event technology. Several businesses struggle with keeping up with their competitors in terms of employing an effective tool for advertising and audience engagement. A lot of brands hold events left and right just to promote their brand, but can’t seem to find the right footing in a cutthroat industry.

This is where a reliable event technology comes into play. Event technologies, particularly in the form of an app, are now among the most top-rated innovations for brands because of the multiple advantages it presents. Not only that, event apps are likewise highly capable of meeting the demands of present-day customers.

Take our very own Micepad app for example.

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We have what we dub as The Micepad Experience. Basically, it represents our well-rounded approach to ensuring event success. Micepad is not simply limited to helping you create a skeleton or a layout for your event. Our app is packed with features that captivate the fundamental components of a superb, on-point and notable event experience.

To give you a better idea of the advantages that Micepad can bring to your business, here’s an overview of our app’s amazing features:

Pre-Event Functionalities

Engage the right audience and build an ample amount of anticipation weeks before your event. Our pre-event features capture consumers’ high dependence on the internet, social media and technology. The main idea is to be able to provide information about your event that’s accessible and enticing– in other words, your event becomes known to people even for those who are constantly ‘on-the-go’.

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Attendee Convenience

Save time and eliminate long lines with our automated registration and check-in process.


Audience Engagement

We recognize and understand how tough it can be to keep your audience entertained and involved throughout the entire duration of your event. Aside from engaging topics and promising incentives, an event simply has to have a sort of X-Factor, or a component that effectively brings brands closer to their audience. This is what Micepad aims clients to achieve by implementing higher audience interaction as well as integrating your event into a modern, innovative backdrop.

listening to presetation

Personalised Surveys

Disseminating surveys is another surefire way of bridging the gap with your target audience because it allows your audience to voice out their feedback on your event. In return, you gain a highly credible source of resource on how you can continue to enhance your future events and more importantly, your services.

Micepad is an event app that values both your brand and your audience. Our technology is built with the objective of generating events that educate, inspire and motivate people.

All in all, more than colorful props or eye-catching gimmicks, successful events are measured by intrinsic value, or how it becomes significant to audiences in the long run.

It is not yet too late for you to create a branded event that truly matters and speaks volume to your customers! REQUEST A FREE DEMO today and learn how these event technologies can transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

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