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10 Event Planning Trends You Must Know in 2024

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Events had the room to grow and mature in the decade ending 2019, and we know planners are ready for the next stage of growth and event planning trends to commence from the year 2024.

To fully embrace this, though, will be to know what trends to even look forward to. That is why we have curated some of the hottest trends – and also taken the time to explain what it means for you (as a planner).

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Here are the 10 event planning trends you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Less is More: Move towards smaller, more intimate events for better engagement.
  2. Demand Surge: Expect a significant increase in event demands; book early and explore group discounts.
  3. Personalization on the Rise: Tailor experiences based on attendee preferences and data.
  4. Flexible Venues: Opt for unconventional locations to enhance authenticity and attendee experience.
  5. Mixing Business with Pleasure: Consider “bleisure” trends by hosting events in vacation-worthy locations.
  6. Food Diversity: Cater to diverse dietary preferences to enhance attendee satisfaction.
  7. Event Security: Prioritize comprehensive security measures throughout your event.
  8. Improvise: Innovate with venue choices, tech integration, engaging formats, and social media leverage.
  9. Artificial Intelligence: Utilize AI tools for automation, predictive analytics, and smarter event planning.
  10. Go Hybrid: Embrace hybrid events blending in-person and virtual experiences for wider accessibility and engagement.

10 Event Planning Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Clutter Less is More

Trend #1 – Less is More

Events have grown to a stage where companies now use the size of theirs to outpace one another. While that has worked for some time now, it is time to retire that strategy.

Consumers are continually growing distrust for brands who always want to go big at all times. This means the event planner now has to find a way to plan more intimate, smaller-sized yet impactful events for brands now. That way, meaningful engagement can be made and more achieved altogether.

Trend #2 – Demand

The demand for events has been growing, but we will see even massive growth in 2024.

Brands and their executives are demanding more events by the hour, putting a lot of event planners on their feet. Besides just being on the ground to plan more events in the new year, you also have to be proactive in your bookings.

Since more events are happening all around, waiting to make that booking could cost you more than the basic price. Group discounts for hotels and such other packages should also be sourced and kept handy since you will be needing such frequently now.

personalization for each attendee is one of the most cutting edge event planning trends

Trend #3 – Personalisation on the Rise

This is not a trend unique to the event industry, but that does not make it less important here anyway. Interestingly, personalization can be approached in several ways.

It can be anything from creating a special schedule for each attendee at the event based on their personal needs and interests to mapping out a unique floor plan for them. The best thing about this is that data collected from the user (usually when an event app or any other such piece of event management software is involved) can help personalize follow-up mails and modes of contact for better overall customer experience.

Event Venue

Trend #4 – Venues Become Flexible

The first point of call for event planners when it comes to the venue is either that big conference hall or some other top-of-the-line location. There is nothing wrong with this, but they are starting to bring one word to mind: boring.

Event planners are now more likely to host their coming events in an unusual location than ever before. The attendees/ consumers demand authenticity and flexibility, and that is what they get with a non-traditional choice of venue.

Interestingly, choosing a great unconventional venue is even a nice way to mentally prompt attendees to take pictures and share their experiences on social media.

Work and Pleasure

Trend #5 – Mixing Business with Pleasure

It has always been said that business and pleasure do not go well together, but all that is changing rapidly.

Business executives, for one, do not get a lot of time away. Thus, they might not be interested in attending an event if it will only contribute to their stress levels. What they would love, though, is an event being held at a vacation-worthy location.

Even if they would not be spending so much time there, it is a great opportunity to see the place and mentally enter the holiday vibe – even if they are not on vacation. Referred to as Bleisure by some, let that always be at the back of your planning mind too.

Event food

Trend #6 – Food is Key

We are at the time and age where everyone is making their choices about everything – from what they choose to wear, how they choose to be identified to how they eat. Speaking of the latter, the vegan population is growing at a rapid pace. If anything, event planners should also grow at the same pace to meet up with their needs.

It will be in your best interest to include a feeding preference section in your event registration process. That way, you don’t offend a group of people by not providing what foods they prefer.

Event Security

Trend #7 – Security

This isn’t a trend so much as it is a requirement. Depending on the event, security may be the most important factor to your event guests. However, even if your event’s requirements are not particularly high, it’s best to have contingencies at hand.

Just a little over half of the event planners have a set plan in place for emergencies, with the rest just leaving things to chance. If you have not thought about it before, the lives and well-being of all those attendees are in your hands, so you should assume responsibility before and when they get to the venue.

From check-in through the event proper to the end of the entire program, always have the security of all attendees to be a paramount concern.

Trend #8 – Improvise

After the pandemic, everyone thought event planning would be brimming with fresh, exciting ideas. But surprisingly, many events have just gone back to their old ways. Holding onto these old methods can make events feel outdated and dull, which isn’t what today’s audiences want.

If you want your events to be a hit, it’s time to switch things up. Pick venues that not only attract but also excite your attendees to boost event engagement. Use the latest event technology to encourage real-time interactions and create sponsorship packages that offer real value to both sponsors and attendees.

Mix up your session formats to boost engagement and choose speakers who truly connect with your crowd. Leverage social media for promotion and focus on post-event engagement to keep the buzz going. By making these changes, you’ll keep your events fresh, dynamic, and something people look forward to attending.

Trend #9 – Artificial Intelligence

AI has changed the game in event planning. With tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Bard, you can automate those time-consuming tasks and focus more on the creative and strategic side of things.

In the future, you’ll see even more AI being used in the industry. These tools will get better at helping you serve your attendees and predict future trends for things like hotel group sales. AI can help you target potential attendees and anticipate changes in demand, making your event planning smarter and more efficient.

But remember, while AI is super helpful, you still need to use it wisely. Always double-check the information it gives you and never share confidential data with it. Use AI to enhance your strategy, not as your only source of information.

Trend #10 – Go Hybrid

The event landscape is changing, especially with Millennials and Gen Z making up a big part of the population. They want more freedom upon what they can do with their time and money.

Hybrid events are perfect for meeting these needs by combining in-person and virtual experiences. This not only expands your reach but also ensures everyone can participate, no matter where they are. This increases your event’s accessibility and potential audience size, meaning even those who can’t travel due to distance, health issues, or financial reasons can still participate and enjoy your event.

Having both in-person and virtual options gives your attendees the freedom to choose how they want to join, boosting attendance and engagement because people can pick what works best for them. You can also elevate the experience for the in-person events by trying services like iPad rental.

These events can also use technology to make the experience more engaging and interactive for everyone. With features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking rooms, hybrid events ensure that everyone, no matter how they attend, can actively participate and feel involved. This flexibility and inclusivity not only enhance the overall experience but also create a sense of community among all attendees, making hybrid events a trend that’s here to stay.

How To Stay Ahead In 2024 Event Trends

The event scene in 2024 is surely buzzing with fresh trends and exciting opportunities. Each trend offers a unique challenge and the chance to create unforgettable events. But to truly stay ahead, you need more than just knowledge—you need a flexible, reliable event tech solution that can keep up with the changes.

First, dive into hybrid events. Mixing in-person and virtual experiences lets you reach a wider audience and makes your events more accessible to everyone. Using AI tools can streamline your planning process and boost engagement, freeing you up to focus on the fun, creative parts of event planning. Also, think outside the box with your venue choices and add interactive elements to keep your attendees hooked from start to finish.

To really transform your event strategy for 2024 and beyond, check out an all-in-one event management platform like Micepad. It can help you effortlessly weave these trends into your events, making them not just innovative but also loved by your audience.

Ready to take your events to the next level? Request a demo of Micepad today and see how it can revolutionize your event planning.

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