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Announcing Micepad’s Newest RSVP Feature


Event coordinators are ranked the fifth most stressful job in 2016. For obvious reasons, attention to detail matters a lot in this job because you can’t afford too many things to go wrong during your event. Like many organisers out there, you must have found the registration process to be extremely bothersome especially if you still have a lot of administrative and logistics matters to handle. Yet without registration, you will have no attendee to even start your event.

Not to worry. Earlier this year, we have launched our new feature – RSVP.

This new feature is guaranteed to be a great relief for all event organisers out there. Why? Because it is going to cut down on the time spent handling the registration and check-in processes for your guests! With more time on your hands to settle other aspects of your event, the RSVP feature will definitely become a must-have to lighten your workload.

Automate and Speed Up the RSVP Process

The last thing you want is to go through troubles just to consolidate all your delegates’ details from all over the places. With the RSVP feature, you can build your own registration website and gather your delegates’ details in just one platform. Every registrant will also receive a unique QR code for them to check-in during your event.

Arrival Notifications

Upon arrival, the delegates can register themselves using the QR code that they have received during the registration. Otherwise, you can assign personnel to be stationed at the check-in counter to assist them.

Meanwhile, you will also have access to the real-time attendance of your delegates and VIPs arrival that will provide a better cue to start your event promptly.


Having said that, you can now spend more time executing and ensuring that your event is running smoothly. Interested in the RSVP feature? Want to find out more? Request a free demo now!

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