Hybrid event platform

Expert Hybrid Event Management Services from Micepad Hong Kong

Yet, managing a hybrid event doesn’t have to be twice the work. Streamline hybrid event management with our suite of solutions and our team’s expertise. 

Expert Hybrid Event Management Services from Micepad Hong Kong

Creating An Unparalleled Experience that Blends The Virtual And Physical Worlds​

Digital and live audiences should be able to interact and experience live content in the same way. Let us help you bridge the gap.

We are Hybrid event agency and also offer End-to-end solution for your virtual event - Micepad Hong Kong

End-to-end solution for your virtual event

Empower your virtual attendees with the opportunity to switch between different stages, immersing themselves in your event, experiencing the “live” content. Allow in person attendees to interact with virtual audiences in group meetings or 1:1 meetings.

Deliver High Quality stream To Your Online Attendees

We‌ ‌coordinate virtual and in-person presentations with your events team and audiovisual professionals and offer a platform for taking input from attendees through polls, interviews, and surveys.

Our Hybrid Event Solutions Deliver High Quality stream To Your Online Attendees - Micepad Hong Kong
Our Hybrid Event Solutions Facilitate online and offline networking - Micepad Hong Kong

Facilitate online and offline networking

Allow attendees to communicate and network using intelligent matchmaking features and filters, or enable in-person and virtual attendees to communicate via chat messages.

Analyze your data to make informed decisions

Make the most of your data with our clean and intuitive data dashboard. Easily create and analyze compelling reports using virtual events activity and in-person registration data to aid in your future success.

Our Hybrid Event Solutions able to help event organiser to analyze the data to make informed decisions - Micepad Hong Kong
Success Stories

Check out EuroAsia Conference Taipei Success Story

See how Micepad helped EuroAsia 2020 event to go hybrid and increase attendance by 600%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hybrid event management?

A hybrid event seamlessly integrates both in-person and digital elements, allowing event organizers to craft a tailored experience for each audience especially in Hong Kong. The organizer’s aim is to ensure that both virtual and physical attendees enjoy the utmost satisfaction through engaging interactions like Q&A sessions, polls, and more

Hybrid event management means the event is includes both virtually and physically, on the other hand, is an event that has both virtual and live attendees particpatite in the same event at the same time via mobile event app, virtual event platform and more.

A virtual event, on the other hand, is an event hosted exclusively online to online attendees, typically with the help of a virtual event platform. A hybrid event has both virtual and live attendees participate in the same event at the same time: live attendees at the venue, and virtual attendees attending online.

What do hybrid events offer?

Hybrid events offer a heightened level of engagement for both virtual and physical attendees. Both attendees can interact with the event organizer, speakers and other attendees who joined in person or virtually. Also, the hybrid events also allow for attendees with questions, real-time feedback and comment, ultimately elevating the overall interactivity and experience of the event

How do you make a hybrid event interactive?

The hybrid event platform should include several interactive features such as support live streaming, video conferencing, Q&A, polls, etc that allow interaction between speakers and both virtual and physical attendees. The interaction tools and one of the top priorities that event organisers will highly consider. It may have fewer interactions without these tools and end up with dissatisfaction for both event organisers and attendees.

What makes Micepad different from other Event Management Platform?

The hybrid event primarily offers a unique experience, providing attendees with two distinct participation options – in-person and virtual. In-person attendees can relish the vibrant energy of the physical event, engaging in interactive games and activities, taking advantage of cross-networking opportunities, and more. They also have the privilege of accessing the virtual platform, enabling them to connect with attendees who have joined remotely.

On the other hand, virtual event allows participants enjoy a range of benefits, starting with the convenience of remote access. They can participate in the event from the comfort of their own location, eliminating the need for travel or accommodation expenses. Real-time engagement through digital platforms such as empowers virtual attendees to interact with event speakers, exhibitors, and fellow participants seamlessly. They can ask questions, participate in polls, join discussions, and access event content conveniently

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